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About Us

Behsazan Jonoob Co., also known as BJ Engineering, is a manufacturer of valve and wellhead equipment. Our products are manufactured in our own manufacturing facilities located in Ahwaz. The products we offer are the most competitive in this field in terms of quality and price.

We offer a complete line of Wellhead equipment, Christmas Tree, API 6A Gate Valves, Ball Valves, Surface Safety Valve, Positive Choke Ball Valves, Check Valves, Globe Valves, Choke Valves, Velocity Check Valves, Emergency Shut Down Valves (ESD), Motor Operated Valves (MOV), Line Break Valves (LBV), High-integrity pressure protection systems (HIPPS), Pack-off Flanges, Adapter Flanges, Casing Head, Tubing Head, Casing Spools, Tubing Spools, Hangers, X-mass Caps, Cross, Stone Traps, Grit Traps, Venturis, and Flow Elements.

Our products can be shipped anywhere in the world, helping our customers with ongoing wellhead equipment needs, as well as in-time delivery requirements, is what makes us such a valued strategic partner.

With over 25 years of wealthy experience, BJ established a strong base of satisfied customers due to timely delivery of products and committed focus on quality. Producing innovative, quality and application engineered product for oil and gas sector is our main focus. BJ has built a reputation of maintaining commitment and fast responses.

BJ Eng has products according to API 6D and API 6A; furthermore all valves are in compliance with NACE MR0175/ISO 15156, fire-safe design as per the latest API 6FA and API 607 standards.

BJ is also approved by many well known companies and is placed in their Vendor list, such as NISOC, NIOC, ICOFC, POGC, NIGC, ENI Italy, Sinopec, and Kala Naft Tehran.

In-house design, engineering, drafting, research, prototype manufacturing and inspection.

In house PR-2 test, fire test, pressure test, NDT examination, paint test giving cutting edge to compete in today's business environment.

Faster response to clients and suppliers.

Quick decision making in favour of customers to resolve disputes, crisis or unnecessary issues.

Fully fledged CNC machine shop with less than 3 years of age.

In-house blasting, painting and packing.

Complete documentation for the product and traceability.

In-house welding and weld cladding facilities.

Independent research and development engineering department working on product and process improvement.

Progressive management and disciplined managers.

BJ’s Strengths

Behsazan Jonoob was founded in July 1990, the founder who after many years of experience in the oil & gas valve and wellhead industry, had the vision and courage to embrace an adventure where the market was dominated by multinational colossus.

He has been able to strengthen its position in such a highly aggressive and competitive market place continuously reinvesting all profits back into the company in order to ensure a progressive and strategic development plan for people and products in the name of sustainability and innovation.

The company is located in the centre of Iran’s ample oil and gas reservoirs and it specializes in the manufacture of complete valve and wellhead oriented products to meet the clients’ needs.

Passion, intuition, expertise, punctuality and versatility determined our programmed gradual growth and enabled us to always meet expectations and in many cases exceeded these.

Behind the success and satisfactions of the Company there is a steady motivation to always strive for improvement and to tackle new challenges, carrying out the mission and values that distinguish us.

In February 2010 Behsazan Jonoob started expanding its resources and capital by accumulating bigger factory spaces. This was a huge step forward for our Company, increasing its values and credibility in the market.

BJ’s History