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BJ offers an option of operating the valve by hand lever, gear operator or actuator. Length of lever and diameter of hand wheel (maximum 31-1/2”) of gear operator are designed to keep operating force less than 80 lb. All ball valves have a stopper for fully opened and closed position along with indicator to show position of ball port.

When valves are required with power operation, BJ is able to assemble the valves with specific actuators as per customer requirements (i.e. Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic or Gas over oil actuators), to perform the proper function. BJ offers single point responsibility for the complete valve automation system. Testing of the complete automation package can be done at specified differential pressures and operating conditions per customer requirements.

Some of the valve automated packages offered by us are as follows:

We offer a full and comprehensive range of actuators for both ball and butterfly valves. Because we standardize on most of our valves having ISO pad mounting flanges, the fitting of the quarter-turn pneumatic and electric actuators are well suited to simple mounting. All the actuation takes place at our dedicated workshops by our technicians. Standard actuators can be customized and fitted with various accessories, selected by the customer.

Pneumatic actuators

Our Pneumatic actuators (The HP Range) offer the customer a reliable and long life, available in 2 versions: double acting and spring return. Both of these actuators are used when a high operation and fast cycling is called for or in the case of the spring return/spring open a fail-safe spring switching. All our sizing has been based on a minimum of 25% safety factor and sized on 5.5 bar pilot pressure. The actuators all carry ATEX approval and CE certification. These actuators can be customized and fitted with switch boxes, proximity switches, solenoid pilot valves and speed control devices. We also offer a range of proportional control units that can be fitted to the actuator, accepting 4-20 mA, 0-10 volt and 3-15 psi signals.

Electric actuators

Our Electric actuators (The HQ Range) offer the customer a reliable and long life. This actuator is used on sites where there is no compressed air available. The benefits of using the electric actuator are the integral standard free features such as anti-condensation heaters, limit switches, optical indication and emergency override, these actuators can be customized and fitted with proportional control cards which accept various control input signals, we can also offer battery backup packs (close the actuator on loss of power) and full ATEX versions. This actuator is completely reliable.


Electrically or pneumatically actuated valves automate flow control, offering several advantages over manual valves, in cases like:

Electric actuation

Pneumatic actuation

Actuated Valves