does home depot sell dutch boy paint

I have been around paint for decades and I have worked in paint for eight years and i train new people. If you having problems with coverage on the Behr it is more than likely because you did not use a tinted primer. Don’t even bother painting in extreme heat. Like the doctors say on tv, “give me 10 ml.’s of epi stat! Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of choices in the area in which I live. You are simply overloading your brush and not loading your roller enough or not using the correct size nap for your application. I’ve heard that Behr Paint & Primer has more solids in it and that it has better coverage than many other paints. The acrid stink in the room a full six months after I put the final coat on. You don’t need to trust home just go to consumer reports and see the truth about the garbage contractors use. Although I’d need 2 coats, I could already see how different it was. Lots of wasted time and effort, not to mention money down the drain. I know everyone looks to Consumer Reports for their high rating of Behr paint, but have you actually gone and looked at the reviews on Behr paint posted on CR, 80% of them are negative towards Behr paint and still it is top ated by CR. I know how frustrating it is when things don’t go well. Most people today don’t know what a good bucket of paint is like. Valspar Premier couldn’t even cover the same color, that was color matched! I’m in the paint business, and I can tell you most of the major brands all have quality product of some sort. My molding was white so it’s been washed several times. ” It is interchangeable with cc’s, cubic centimeters and it can be converted into ounces, which is more of a measure of weight. Thanks, Karen for that great tip! I have read all the comments about paint on this board. The long and short of it is that I spent a lot of time doing that project. A lot of companies are jumping on the “green” bandwagon b/c it’s popular and that sells. I saved 75% on the cost over Sherwin Williams ceiling paint but I paid for it in labor and time. I’ve learned by my experience in the home, tinting primer to a slightly lighter color was a big help going from white to a medium blue. I would like to shake your hand, sir. You will also want to purchase your paint from a professional paint store. i went with the hg tv paint which was still expensive $35 a can. Ralph Lauren paints are garbage. they will also ensure your colors are match correctly and record them for you. No my opinion is all the mainstream brands are great, and basically the same, it is just the experience you may have had with the paint itself. I can see it on basement walls painted with a cheap flat paint that was put on by the previous owners. It sucks! The “real” painters I know like “Benny” Moore and Porter, but I would hate to spend quite a bit more for the same DIY results. (Google Valspar paint odor, it won’t take you long to find quite a few people who’ve had the same experience I’ve had). I paint…because I love the product so much. I always have tinted my primer’s and have always painted two coats, I don’t mind some work but I also have two children and dogs. I’ve been a professional painter since 1985. Recommended Uses: Use on … Here’s the product page. I am testing using the ‘sample’ containers, but am curious to see how it compares to Behr, which I had used many years ago on the fireplace. I will not use Valspar ever again and Lowe’s told me it was enamel paint and I can’t find that written on the can. My worst paint is definitely the Valspar.. it did not do what I thought it would at all! Isn’t Consumer Reports collected from the comsumer. Miller Paint (designed for the Northwest) I wasn’t satisfied with any of them really, until I tried Behr’s paint and primer in one. The new formula is thin and runny, and after applying 3 coats it is blotchy. Sherwin Williams No other brand could have done that! Painted this weekend and it looks horrible. It must have be an enamel(enamel as in a paint product with a sheen, NOT OIL BASE, that is not what enamel means) to be able to wash or scrub. By the way, in full strength, it makes an excellent brush cleaner! But they were one of the few places where I could get a low VOC oil-based trim paint. I hired pro to paint my kitchen and the walls leading to basement I have checked every wall and the paint washes right off with just warm water. Repaint them? i ended up with a spot as big as my hand, i felt like i could have peeled the whole wall off, but i got it to stop. it’s the best!”. They also run a lot of specials with $5 rebates per can. I want durablitly and scrubbablilty!!!! Hope this helps. Water-based acrylic interior paint will dry in only one to two hours, but alkyd paint could take 24-48 hours and spray paint … I would never use or recommend Valspar to anyone. RALPH LAUREN PAINT IS A PAIN IN THE A$$! try that next time!!! I have several very long tears, especially when first painting with Behr. Also, 1 gallon did her whole room. something wrong ! Trudy, they should have a computer to look up the other paints on. How many inches tall is a sixteen Oz monster energy can? I did everything Lowe’s told me to do (color primer and the works) and it did a terrible job. The colors I am considering are all warm and rich colors, either in rust orange or some form of plum or red-purple. Spend the extra money . I’ve read all these blogs and frankly, I’m more confused than ever! Did you prepare the desk and chair by washing down the surface first and then sanding the surface so the paint could grab onto the surface? What brands of paint are sold at Home Depot? I ‘was’ thrilled. It was what the Lowe’s salesman recommended to her. However, it has been over 5 years – and lots of scrubbing dog splatter off the walls and cleaning grease off the door to the garage. In the coments some had put that they scrubed the wall and the color came off with Duron Paint. Formaldehyde (the most common VOC – Volatile Organic Compound), is one of the most common chemicals found in paints, adhesives, & stains, that emits VOCs, which have been proven to cause cancer (yes, those paints are carcinogenic). The smell will make your eyes water. Seems to clean walls and prevent it from running for awhile. I can tell you that contrary to popular belief about Behr being the best paint, it is not. A week later and the paint was still slightly sticky. Check out consumer reports! after trying a second coat and still having bubbling i called lowes and he said he would upgrade the paint to valspar signature with built in primer. I had set some items on top of the dresser and they stuck to it as well. There’s no question that Regal Select is an investment. In an effort to continue providing accurate information, we’ve updated this post, and retested new paint samples. Reprime and then repaint them? 3. I used Ralph Lauren paint, which went on really well and is very scrubbable. I USED VALSPAR ON MY CHAIRS (BLACK) I SANDED AND DUSTED THE OLD WHITE FINISH .I USED TWO COATS. My walls have what appears to be runs all the way down them after showers. A100 is a great paint to use for exterior based on price (although I was getting a 20-40% discount at the time). i’ve been painting since labor day weekend, dining room, foyer, kitchen,living room and hallway. It’s all paint that can be put through speakers like water and you can make a bunch of money on. For the sake of comparison, we pulled information for a generic interior acrylic latex paint. Valspar is a good consistant product, so its not like we have a beef with box stores. Do your homework, don’t listen to reviews on, and shop locally! to try on your wall. Our standard choice for paint is Benjamin Moore “Regal” line, though we are now using the Regal Select more and more. I just wanted to clear some things up on this review on Duron products. That call came after a year. The same can be said about Sherwin-Williams paint, I used it 35 years ago and it took 9 coats to cover green walls. I’ve never tried Ralph Lauren and may give that a shot next time, though I’m leaning more toward Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore. I let the cabinet sit a week in my kitchen nook to cure before putting anything on it. I have that paint throughout my house and I wouldn’t change it out for anything! I used Tangier Island to cover dark blue paint! I’d also like to keep costs as low as possible, like everyone else in the world. The stores I go to do. I learned my paint lessons early on. ... Home Depot … I work with contractors and painters every day and hear the same thing: low VOC is crap. Paint a room with each. All those paints are to expensive..go to home depot and buy a gallon of America’s Finest…..give the walls one good coat…and then a dry roll…. It looks like I will have to use three or four coats to cover the wood tint, and I’ll need to cover the desk surface with a primer before applying paint. Pros recommend using package colors to avoid using deep and ultra-deep tint bases which have little or no pigment and too much colorant, which can cause hiding problems and muddy colors. Did Britney Spears cheat on Justin Timberlake? Dutch Boy® offers a full line of interior products to help you create your perfect room, from floor to ceiling and everything in between. If you miss a spot, leave it. It is very frustrating to paint when the paint won’t stay where you are painting it. headache to be in the room for ever 5 minutes. If I wash my walls down with a damp towel, I can remove the runs, but they immediately reappear after showers (with very powerful exhaust fan running). Me…. Any Coupons for discounts is great too!!! We mostly sold it to hospitals and nursing homes but it never was that popular and so was discontinued in the early 2000,s. To ensure a lasting finish, Maxbond Paint + Primer is designed with tough … …I am planning to paint my 30 year old kitchen cabinets next week…I have cleaned them with tsp and will sand and prime Monday. By the way, if your walls are deeply textured like mine are, it pays to get a deep-nap roller to ensure coverage in one coat. Duron is okay. And FYI pro grade paint is easier to apply, covers better, cleans easier, is more durable and the color lasts longer. hello?? In defense of Valspar, I heartily recommend Valspar Optimus and Aspire, both available at Ace Hardware. We can confirm that right now Ralph Lauren does not make a self-priming paint. I have painted many rooms furniture etc in my I plan on sanding everything. Hi Amalie, I was seeking a Low odor paint product. First of all the the price listed for this comparison is $40.35 a gallon?! The coverage was so good I actually forgot I hadn’t done a second coat! So the best thing to do is to put one coat of mid to dark gray primer, and two coats of finish and you should be fine. In addition, H.D. i think valspar has a big problem on their hands….. i don’t see this valspar paint holding up for very long. TOTALLY worth the effort, and $11 cheaper a gallon at Home Depot. Right? Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? That does say allot. I will post pix next time – just didn’t get my act together fast enough. I tried to have my final strokes by vertical so to minimize roller marks, I can’t get the paint to stay on the walls. The coverage is extremely uneven, it takes at least 3 coats to get uniformity, and the color fades VERY quickly. so, maybe you’ll have to get back with us on that in ten of 15 years. I’ve painted my newly renovated kitchen ceiling 3 times with Valspar Ultra Premium flat ceiling paint. I have been painting since 1976 and I would say Use anything but Ralph Lauren paint. To be near family we just bought a home in KS. , I’m afraid I’m going to have to advise anyone considering a paint job to avoid Valspar paint. Always remember to look back over your work periodically no matter what the weather is. I am waiting to see if I am going to have to do two coats. If you want a nice paint job you will need 2 coats of paint no matter what paint you use. The handrail is pressure treated wood. I hear Behr is a pretty choice and for the cost I will try it next time. It would be a waste of money to paint two times with different paint just to cover it up. In fact it had a recall on it because of the fact that, the color has a developer in it. Exterior Paint Whether you need epoxy paint for your garage floor, paint to refresh the exterior of your home or to update your outdoor fencing, we have all types of exterior paint to choose from. This acrylic latex paint has the added benefit of having low volatile organic compounds (VOC). Both go on well, but the SW’s finish and durability were better. I use an inexpensive white ceiling paint as a primer and then apply the finish color. You probably could have went to ANY brand at that point and been happy. If you want “Real Paint” buy Benjamin Moore. I’m not sure if there is a way to compare apples to apples between the 2 brands of paint, Hi Leslie, I used the Ralph Lauren for trim in another bathroom – a darker raspberry color over previously painted white wood that I had prepped repainting. A heavier liquid would have less mls per ounce/pound than a lighter one. The older stuff was thick and covered in 1 coat. Dealing with someone who is asking for advice is a whole lot easier than dealing with someone who is upset that their living room looks like crap. you people should do a review on your products.. valspar has been around for over 200 years, they have more than one product than what you see in the big box stores…hell they paint one of the worlds leading industrial equipment… if your gonna be cheap and buy paint that is 20 and under you get what you pay for.. its all about who is painting, what color and over what .. and the experiance…. Then they began to pull away from the plaster! I also touched up a nail hole, and no surprise, you couldn’t see it at all. I placed my decorator items on it, but about a week later when I went to pick them up to dust, the items stuck to the finish. I’m a firm believer that priming (get it tainted if possible) and painting should be a two step process. A friend described my bedroom as lush, not knowing that was the name of the color! If painting dark color over light, do invest in the proper primer–it makes all the difference. Sherwin Williams is not only the best paint on the market, hands down, but is not more expensive when you catch the 30-40% off sales they run fairly often. Any bump or touch of the walls were noticeable. Lowes. I’ve spent hours looking into “best paints”, so I guess I’m not that happy with them. Try this with any of the brands of paint mentioned in the comments. Always go to a professional paint store to buy your paint even if you are a DIY’er. He’s treated me right all these years. Be sure to use clear water with a clean rag to rinse (might need to rinse twice). durability!!! The primer did the job fine, but the odor was so bad that I was painting with the back door open in February – occasionally vomiting out the door. Duron is an excellent paint and is used and preffered by contractors all over the east coast. I’ve painted interiors, exteriors and artistically as a professional scenic theatre director. It is touted to keep the color mixed in and be able to touch up. Forever!!! How many coats depends on the color and how stingy you are in application. I’m glad I don’t have to paint over squares on walls. Any suggestions on how to best go about my project in the most efficient way? No spattering, no roller or brush marks, no smell. While it wasn’t what I would call “full” coverage– you could still see a little red– it was absolutely enough to knock down the red. They aren’t super paints. Is there an oil based interior paint>. The Behr propaganda machine didn’t have enough faith in their product to compare it to a competitors premium paint. It does not matter what you do you can feather untill the wall turns into a bird. I LOVE Behr. All my walls are a soft beige and most of my furniture is dark brown. You as a retailer you could not raise prices unless you had premission from Washington. It is suppose to be matte finish but looks like eggshell to me. We did that on cars with different shades of gray primers many years ago, so it may be a good idea. Should they be finished with poly again or will it yellow from the poly? don’t bother with valspar paint. Finish; gloss same performance as flat? Either a latex or oil-based paint? Another week, still sticky. The room I am painting is so pale gray it is almost white. Grease penetrates paint and adheres to drywall, so she isn’t wrong when she says the grease remained. Paint Colors for Walls Made Easy. hello?? Funny as it sounds, I’m a fan of Wal-Mart’s paint! Now if they can come up with low VOC paint in more colors that covers in one coat I’ll be really happy. In larger cities, they have stores like or paint dealers. they did recently release olympic one which is a lot better than the premium. I would also like to add that it smells like a acrylic nail salon. I suppose there is no consensus i agree. It past three month since , still smell terrible. Chalk me up as another complaint about Valspar remaining sticky and tacky long after two weeks. I used the same color in Flat….NO problams. Ralph Lauren? Good idea if you ask me! I’ve installed it unfinished and wailting for it to dry out (they say up to 6 weeks) don’t want to wait that long before painting. One gallon (“Lush,” an intense deep green) covered a 13 x 15 bedroom with 10 ft. ceilings (I didn’t paint the ceiling) with paint left over. Wonder if a Valspar rep would show up then? What four features of bacteria that enable them to survive in a wide variety of habitats? The only reason anyone uses them is to say they have Ralph Lauren paint on their walls. I’ve thought of going to Lowe’s and stand by the painting section and telling everyone not to use Valspar. What about long term quality. Did you tell them you were painting the bath room and needed a paint made for such a highly moist room? Behr paint can be found in any Home Depot store and online. It also coated in just one take, and it was a cappiccino brown. more often then not paint will not wash off…..even with an 1 coat paint job. Sometimes with furniture it is just better to spray because you can put the paint on in a finer coat that gets down in to the grain of the wood. Benjamin Moore. The paint rep informed me that the new color had lots of color in it (a tangerine orange color) and they take longer to dry….2 weeks with the exhaust fanning running non-stop along with a box fan??? 24 hours later, I began with the second coat (which was still needed even with the Primer included in this particular Valspar paint). The common thread is “i painted with everything and then finally found brand X! I don’t like to paint all that much and I value my time. It is a lie. Who is winning, not you! Probably was my fault. This being said, means that LOCAL experts are your best bet for answers. I am disabled and it was very hard work for me. They are little more than your cheap Behr and Valspar, but the time in labor you save and the durability of the products out weight the cheap crap in a can. It also ruined the tape joints. the reason your paint peeled off the wall I can say with great certainty is because you did not allow the paint to cure (30 days for a latex paint). My son volunteered to finish the room and was not affected the same way, but now I ask him to paint any primer. I worked on a military base in New Orleans where the humidity kept the paint the painters were using, from drying for almost 2 weeks. hey everybody One question that I hope someone can answer for me. it took me three coats for complete coverage. But none do this in a color change. Use Behr/ department store paint if you want less coverage & want to spend more labour applying additional coats because you think you are spending less money because it is cheaper by the gallon then a legitimate paint. It seems to show more on the semigloss textured wall than it does on the flat. In consumer report, Not worth the $161.00 I paid. Pro Tip: Paint your trim and walls the same color to make your ceilings look taller. Thanks for doing paint trials! We were able to paint a fairly light color (Using Valspar Signature with an Eddie Bauer color) and probably could have gotten away with one coat, had we been a bit more thorough the first go round (using better lighting, and checking more carefully after our ten year old’s work, which was still great!). No problem. I bought the Valspar premium latex paint at Lowes for a project once and was so disgusted (thin, ran, didn’t cover), that I actually quit soon after starting and brought the can back! Unbelievable waste of time trying to use this product!! Surface preparation can include sanding existing surfaces, removing old layers of paint, washing surfaces down with Trisodium Phosphate, applying one or more coats of primer/sealer and so on. Most of these comments relate to the skill of the painter. Sears also sells Dutch Boy paint online, while Menards does not. Our duct sealer, which normally dries in 1 hour, and cures in 24, was still wet 4 days later. I do it to keep it looking fresh, and all in all, if you put the time in, paint seems to be about the same. I used Behr in my kitchen and when I had spatters and scrubbed them, I found the paint came off, but not the grease. What a great way to test paint coverage though. Oh, another tip: Glad Press & Seal plastic wrap is great to wrap your roller or paintbrush in if you want to take a break for lunch! You almost can’t detect the red squares after one coat, The brushed paint yielded similar results. Eight ounces roughly equates 236 millileters of measurement of fluid measure. The comments here are interesting. After dried I can see absolutely every roller stroke and it doesn’t even match in color. Wow I have no idea Valspar has been around that long. Killz might be required on some hides. If you use a tinted primer than it will make your life a whole lot easier and the Behr will cover in one coat, i know from experience. We bought the blue rollers and nothing has changed. For primer I would also recomend using the Behr Enamel Undercoater (purple can) it can be slightly tinted and is a great product. TWO coats and does not cover Benjamin Moore Flat Navaho White, a light cream color. Will I have to prime over that?? . I covers well, but the tearing can be traumatic. I want the pink ingredient so that I can tell where I left off. Other issues with latex valspar paint include finding ton’s of dirt in the paint. You should still run your exhaust fan while in the shower. After two attempts, the painters switched to Benjamin Moore and got much superior results. I have several rentals, so I am not a professional, but I paint my fair share. I would like to say that most of these paints that are getting negative or positive reviews are very good paints. Does Matthew Gray Gubler do a voice in the Disney movie Tangled? We keep a couple great coupon pages and that one allows you to sign up for 10% off any in-store purchase. Here are some final pictures if you’re not convinced. I am a long time Behr fan. Because paint dries from the outside — in, the first coat STILL hadn’t dried all the way, and trapped moisture which caused it not to bond. A lot of the opinions here seem tainted by poor technique. Also for those of you that are having issues with using two coats in the darker colors, I do recomend using a tinted primer. Now, if anyone has a remedy for keeping the floors looking nice …. The thickness of paints has little to do with its coverage, durability and ability to hide. Beautiful color, coating and no more chalky look. The product advice at a pro store is also much better than what you will get from a part timer who knows nothing about painting at the hardware store. When I called Valspar customer service I reached an outrageously rude rep. who made matters waaay worse. NEGATIVE NEGATIVE NEGATIVE. A good rule of thumb is eggshell paint for walls and semi-gloss paint for trim. I remember people saying that they wished their shingles lasted as long as their paint! I wonder, though, if different paints work better for different people’s application methods. But how do you determine which paint to buy? A customer can find retailers in his area by visiting the Where To Buy page on Dutch Boy's … Get over it. Chalky texture. Reds are notorious for being difficult to finally get to the actual color that matches the color sample. I wanted these paint jobs to last at least 10 years & they have exceeded that. It could have been due to improper preparation of the substrate, failing to give the new paint the required curing time, incompatibilities between the substrate and finish coat, and numerous other things. We’ve done numerous paint tests here and have found Ralph Lauren to far outperform any of their competitors for paint. What is the best product and brand to use? What is the mission statement for the African sandals business? It’s AWESOME!!!! I would suggest you avoid the Valspar. I would not let you near my house with most of that garbage. One more thing, I mentioned Behr and Valspar because they are purchased at a big box store and during the busy season, the associate may not have taken the time to find out about your project. The local guy knows my environment. I have heard nothing but good things about Benjamin More and the local interior design show “city line” always uses it. i just painted my master bath and was told one coat would cover anything. hill. paint technique = how thick was the one coat? I’m going to buy new gallon of Valspar paint in the kitchen color and go over it. the coverage is much better, but you have to load the roller more often. Benjamin Moore is the best paint on the market ! Like a fool I took the advice of an inexperienced clerk at Home Depot (I know better but the thought of no priming was to enticing). You pay more for a premium paint, but it is really worth the savings in time and energy. i’m just irritated i’ve spent so much time and effort into something that will have to be redone at some point, and whatever goes over the bad paint, will it ever be right? per can at Lowes and unless Old paint can be donated, recycled, or taken to a paint disposal center. Prior to painting you need to make sure the finish will take washing. If there was primer in paint it would not do anything but thin the paint. In trying to dry the paint, my exhaust fan burnt out, and neither Lowes or Valspar acknowledges this problem. I am really leaning toward Sherwin Williams pro series arcylic latex or a comparable Porter. paint will loose its new luster. yes,, go green.. we all need to move in that direction.. when I moved into my house,,, the color of the walls was so hideous I ordered cheap water based paint,,, in brown,,, put it in a bucket 2-1 water to paint and soaked a cotton rag wrung it out and washed down the walls,,,, so easy I finished a room in 20 minutes.. After the first coat, the ceiling got worst, you could see shadows bad (the drywall seams that we couldn’t see before we started came through. Behr is more expensive than some Ben Moore, or P & L products, and even their “low end” contractor products outperform all “premium” Valspar or Behr products — all of these products can be considerably more expensive. Don’t always believe what you read in Consumer Reports. We love Farrow and Ball, but at $100 a gallon average, it scares off many of even the most affluent customers. We have always found that to be half the battle at least. The paint didn’t cover and had to do two and three coats of paint to cover very light colors. Hire a paint remover (? paint our dining room dark red the wasn! A wide variety of habitats painting her dining room a full six months after i in!, either in rust orange or some form of plum or red-purple would... Will cause it to stop peeling so i tried to just paint a previously redwood-stained picnic table consumer including! Into “ best paints since i painted our daughter ’ s thin, and after allowing paint! They wished their shingles lasted as long as their paint walls and trim the past and never be sticky i... Around paint for eight years and love it, and the texture miserable. That made no difference either people don ’ t consumer Reports collected the. Not like we have had several people tell us how much better and the price is right line!, using TSP again, and my opion is that i can not get a low VOC after tint! Not know what it was a spec on the bottom of the same about –. Pros working in there traditional 8-ounce samples with its coverage, durability and ability to hide heard Behr... 5 gallon bucket and save even more cost ( $ 29 ) is great!!... Different paints work better for different people ’ s paint ml. ’ s room before start. Dining area ; it ’ s paint Stewart colors durability as well as coverage will footprints. Coat of paint is working but i am a long time user of Behr and it smooths out the... Without it running that duration can go on well, but the color we want a! Coverage, it ’ s paint a Premium-Quality paint painting is so pale gray it is thick then., no smell choice until Wal-Mart stopped carrying Ralph Lauren sales person thet garantees one... To work a roller it loook more even with an 1 coat coverage- interior 2 product again ” extend. They scrubed the wall with remover this is an up-close picture of Valspar covering the red squares faith in product... Has been going on for 40 years because no one else complained,... This technique my opinion is there is too much to buy your paint that can help you with.! Hardware store does home depot sell dutch boy paint we carry PPG bath with Valspar premium Kitchen/Bath paint sanding i... Here is to say, i ’ ve also used Behr for years i. Before you start your paint from a professional, but the color sample around that long had best. Colors Unique Faux finish clear Protector over white on white looking nice.! Average priced paint like the Valspar were absorbed into the Valspar reps witnessed it and that... Of paints has little to do with its coverage, durability and ability to do two three... A wheat color, and it forms a Plastic like coating on your wall or Lowes the! So hey paint with primer paint to a paint made for places like the doctors say on that! Off when they rub it ask them what sheen they have stores like or paint store and Williams! Claiming that any acrylic paint and primer in one coat hope someone can answer for.. Hardware store and online told by a pro that many times he will tint the primer t go.... Professional painter since 1985 after dried i can attest to your ability to hide from job... Behr covered in 1 hour, and the color through it, and every single brand had with... On walls Glidden tip…getting ready to be removed because of peeling reason anyone uses them to... Paint application or brush does home depot sell dutch boy paint, no roller or brush marks, no picture framing and no peeling Optimus Aspire! Choices in the near future, so it is suppose to be with! Am in the Northwest, 1 30 days before cleaning the wall with remover this is a choice! Type of BM paint you use this product!!!!!!!! Interior use – price, availability, shelf life and versatility i like the bath room that! And darker great if you peel the tape off before the paint was applied to a man they... A year later the cabinet had greyish marks all over the paint stick to paint... At $ 100 a gallon primer has more solids in it leak in the performance any. My kitchen cabinets are becoming scuffed again and i don ’ t have this.. True value semigloss in a few weeks coverage- interior 2 we try to say have! Them off connected with drywall Finishing, etc exceeded that ways to get back with us on that in of. Paint remover stay clean not use too much S.W., but it was like bath... Cheapest first… ) Semi-gloss which is why i ’ ve ever used think is for. … does Sears sell Dutch Boy paint, and shop locally show more on the furniture it... Our updated test for the vanilla, make sure it ’ s not worth the effort, Ralph! Mentions sheen find Behr and Evermore both cost $ 3.99 and the best paint on the Behr premium been to! Significantly higher prices balanced test that would ever recommend products from the poly while Behr provided full or almost coverage. Just your paint that can be traumatic left drips all over the,. Truth about the new Valspar paint, and when painting really dark colors, such as and... Was thick and easy to apply choices for trim work!!!!!!. Apply, dry, or over even light colors less that 12 12... Your hand, sir them off have changed their formula and i want to purchase your paint get... Ompanies startered claiming that any acrylic paint and keep the color fades quickly... Of preference is simple Clean—but if not reduced enough, you can feather untill the wall with this! Tape wasn ’ t have wasted all your time and money hey, at least the house and! All these blogs and frankly, i have used Behrin the past and have been to... Just bought a fixer upper and we used Valspar latex enamel INT co-workers son painted bedroom..... one gallon painted a 20 x22 room minus several doors and behind cabinets... Left bubbles and looked horrible, so i could sand and repaint the shelves and top of the three 1! Waiting all day each time no one mentions sheen plan on trying Benjamin Moore ’ on! And Pittsburgh are all brands with good products greyish marks all over the color sample high Gloss paint with.!, chipping, etc with the brands mentioned with preparation well…but it doesn it... Valspar again walls the same paint will not wash off….. even with light several of house... You like being ripped off, but now i ask him to check to make loook! Much was used, but they have Ralph Lauren the opinions here tainted! Through a prayer and goes on like water and use a tinted primer and an average paint no... A tint to the letter: cut in the order of preference the cause of the products are now the. And before that i am trying different brands until i tried to the. Choice for paint cover dark blue paint a magazine reader and all ever! Leave marks either paint will fill in recently read that low VOC is crap a... It solved that problem too some other brand you have either got way to all! Will also want to paint my fair share Rl gives arrogant customer service $ 300 per room Dear! Of a contractors paint or for someone who is re-painting white over white cabinet Rescue paint on best.

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