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The Quality Systems at Behsazan conform and are certified to API Q1 and ISO 9001 Quality Programs for API 6A and 6D products.

Quality functions include but are not limited to instructions, procedures, specifications, process control, procurement, internal and external audits, and inspection and testing.

In-house quality control includes dimensional, magnetic particle, dye penetrant, ultrasonic and weld inspections. Hardness testing is performed to both Rockwell and Brinell scales. Approved subcontractors perform radiographic requirements.


Quality is a must and constantly monitored to ensure a long term product reliability in order to pursue the highest standards of performance.

BJ embraces the Health, Safety and Environment policy as a core business value and it is committed to enforce laws and regulations within all working areas, promoting safe and controlled working conditions and thus avoiding risks to people and environment.

Every aspect of our company’s activities complies to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Our aim is always to ensure customer satisfaction and to implement our high professional reputation ensuring also flexible fast deliveries.

Inspection and tests

BJ valves are tested according to our own internal specifications and procedures, which fully comply with the applicable standards as well as customers requirements. Chemical analysis and physical mechanical properties of valve components are reviewed by our Quality Control Department. We conduct non-destructive examination (NDE):

All BJ valves are also subjected to tests in accordance with API 6D/API 6A acceptance criteria:

Optional tests

BJ also conducts:

After position setting on free issued valves, all actuators and control systems are tested according to all standards requested and Behsazan internal test procedures, which include: operational test, static and dynamic leakage tests and torque testing.

We are always alongside our customers to ensure safety in applications.

Our test facility allows for full differential pressures up to 33,000 psig.

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of the combined assemblies executed before the final installation at the plant, is performed according to API 6A & API 6D specifications, API 598 or other clients specific testing requirements.

BJ guarantees fast turnaround and undertakes to ensure that customers to meet their important fabrication deadlines.

Third party witness inspection and certification are also available and can be organized by Behsazan’s experienced quality assurance staff.

Quality policy

In order to meet the market and customer’s requirement, suit the competition and enhance our company’s quality management level, we establish the QUALITY MANUAL according to the ISO9001: 2000“quality management system—requirement” and API Spec Q1-8th Edition: Specification for Quality Programs for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry.

This QUALITY MANUAL is approved and implemented from April.10, 2008.

The manual is the fundamental guideline under which the QMS operates and we made promise to the customers. Every member of our company should consider it as their activity specification.

Therefore, from the issue day of the QUALITY MANUAL, the whole employees are required to fully understand and properly implement the quality policy. They should comply with the manual as their own obligation, carry on the management activity, and meet the contract’s requirement and the customer’s expectation, and make them satisfaction.


We have a reputation for delivering quality products and service to our customers and that manifests itself in everything that we do.

From the introduction of ISO 9001 and our documented quality management system which ensure that specific processes and procedures are created and adhered to, to our goal in satisfying customer expectations.

Quality System

The quality management system has been established and documented as a means of ensuring that BJ Valves’ products consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

With this aim we strive to achieve customer satisfaction through the effective application of our system, which includes processes for continual improvement.

Documented Procedures

We have a multi-tier documented quality management system which ensures the effective planning, operation and control of all our processes. This ensures records are established and maintained in order to provide evidence of conformity to requirements and the effective operation of the quality management system.

External approval of Product Quality

Our product quality  has been assessed and approved by third party inspection companies and client inspection department.


Quality Control

*Fire Safe Test being performed on a BJ valve.