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Research & Development

The engineering department undertakes research and development projects for equipment, new designs, and modification of existing designs. We use our testing equipment appropriately to ensure quality performance in the field. Performance verification testing is routinely performed on new and existing equipment, including cold room testing at -46 ºC and fire-safe testing. Using our 3D printers, a CAD/CAM system and engineering softwares such as SolidWorks and Abaqus is utilized in engineering to aid in the creation and modification of designs.

Our in-house engineers address customer requirements with regard to alloys, welding, heat treatment, and material applications. New material is developed for specific operational conditions where severe applications are encountered.

Our products have been engineered to meet tomorrows expectations in order to achieve maximum efficiency, safety and reliability, implementing all of the latest industry requirements and regulations in our current engineering.

Our Technical Department is working daily to study technological innovation dedicated to develop our products, creating new ones and improving production processes.

Our skilled expertise and continual research into new technology allows us to be ideally suited to offer clients specifically and customized products as well as a standard product range.

R&D / Engineering

Main Activities:

The following video demonstrates the analysis of various valves by Behsazan Jonoon Research and Development department.