Consultancy & Commissioning

Behsazan Jonoob offers customers a consultancy service at engineering stage in EPC projects that is aimed at identifying the optimum product solution to deliver the best whole life
and minimum cost solution and offers commissioning services during installation and operation.
Our knowledge of individual product performance and suitability allows customers to benefit from savings that may otherwise be overlooked as a result of inappropriate product and material selection, which have led to cost savings to customers.

We offer full training and technical consultancy as standard to customers. Technical support can be on site within 24 hours if necessary.

At initial stages of a product we offer a consultancy service designed to ensure correct product specification. This is accompanied by full site surveys where required and following delivery and installation a final commissioning program prior to hand over. By adopting this approach we are able to control each part of the supply chain to ensure the highest quality of product and service delivery.
We encounter a lot of clients that are strugling with Valves & Wellhead problems in their operation. It is often not an issue of quality but rather an issue of picking the wrong equipment for the application.
The Behsazan Jonoob can help you identify problems in your operation regarding Valves, Actuators and Wellhead and form a solution. We often are asked to calculate whether a valve is up to its task.


The Behsazan Jonoob has a lot of experience and knowledge about the Valves and Wellhead. In fact, Behsazan Jonoob has been giving valve training to our client in oil and gas companies for many years. We have custom training programs that are perfect for teaching your employees basic or advanced knowledge about working with Valves and Wellhead. It is vital for employees that work day in day out with valves & Wellhead to know how to properly maintain and operate these equipment. By training your employees they learn this vital knowledge. Every training we give to employees ends with an exam to test their knowledge and understanding of Valves and Wellhead. This ensures that you can keep track of your employee’s knowledge and development

Valve & Actuator Services

Wellhead Services