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The Marlin Magic Baby Ruckus is a top rigger lure for Striped Marlin, White Marlin and Blue Marlin on light to medium tackle. For larger lures/fish I get better hookup ratios with a single hook, though I do use tandems if I think that Marlin are on the menu. Lure Rigging Select Lure Rigging Stainless Steel Single Hook Rig w/"Marlin" Hard Leader - 11/0 +$15.99 Stainless Steel Single Hook Rig w/Fluorocarbon Leader - 11/0 +$30.99 Stainless Steel Double Hook Rig w/"Marlin" Hard Leader - 11/0 +$32.99 Stainless Steel Double Hook Rig w/Fluorocarbon Leader - … It provides great insurance for those hard, sustained blue warrior fights. Double Hook Rig Set For Trolling Lures. They work for anything from mahi and blackfin tuna to sailfish, marlin, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, or pretty much anything else that swims. PA’A Hook; Stainless steel wire; Momoi leader . Enjoy and never stop learning. Marlin. Marlin. Treble hooks today comes in a assortment of colors as well as feathers tied on as a trailer/teaser hook on lures. Use two good 8/0 or 9/0 hooks, one well up into the head and other way back. Front hook up. Put them on in that order. I would think it to be a rarity for a fishermen to decide to just troll lures without intent. These are high-quality products at affordable prices. Approximately 10" in len Not sure how to rig or just don't have the time? Depending on what your chancing as to how you rig your lures, for queenies ect rig only one hook on a single, for GT's ect you can rig a back to back on the belly and a larger single on the back if you like. When trying your own way forward, there is a crucial part to consider when fishing with single and in-line single hooks… However, the Gaff Rig is one of the hottest single-hook marlin lure setups going. Go Vertical With The Counter Strike! Bench Crimped Made in the USA Hook Size Length Measurement 7/0 7.00" 8 Single hook trolling rigs have much less chance of damaging the fish. Lumo Pakula lures, and Rapala X-Rap Magnum 30’s and 20’s worked best. The right double hook rig will do better than a single hook rig because of having more weight, balance and offer more resistance to spinning. Make up a few single-hook stiff rigs for your favorite blue marlin lures, and I bet you will quickly become a believer. Report. Finding the best hook rig. Continue reading → Posted in Hook Rigs , Tutorials | Tagged hook rigs , marlin rigs , rigging marlin baits , single hook swivel rig Dave, I heard a couple of local marlin gurus on LTHU a few weeks ago and they described the way they rig a lure. Matching your lure with the proper size hook and placement can make a significant improvement in your hook-up percentage. Marlin. Part 2 features Any Moyes profiling his favorite lure heads, the swimming action of each and where to fish them in the spread. Reviews There are no reviews yet. I like the entire gape of my hook to stick out past the back of the shirt with only the hooks eye inside the skirt keeping the rig IGFA legal. 1:53. Tournament Marlin 5 Pack Lure Set. Lighter gauge single hooks with a small size will be hard to maintain lure balance which can cause more spinning. Skirted Length: 14” Species: Marlin, Large Tuna & Large Mahi Watch Other Marlin Fishing Videos. Single hooks on the smaller lures, with the hook barb just inside the skirt. The treble is mainly used on artificial lures and spoons attached by using a split ring. Let's see one of the best ways of rigging your popper. For striped marlin I like to match the hook to the lure size. For leader-to-swivel attachment, use a crimped Flemish eye. Magdalena Bay offers some truly spectacular sport fishing for so many species of fish. Further to earlier trials of rigging assist hooks on hard bodies, I have now worked out how to quickly shorten the trailing length of the hook, see pic in this album. The single hook stiff rig is the solution to the many missed strikes by Billfish and Big Game; the rig will increase your hook up rate from 1 out of 3, to 9 out of 10. 1 hook trolling hook rigs are preferred as they have a lower mortality rate on any fish that is caught and released. How-to. BUY DVD Here Exclusively created in-house, our experienced staff have matched both leader and hook to create the ultimate heavy-duty single hook rig. Sure, there will be some crossover where you catch dolphin on marlin lures or tuna on marlin lures, but most fishermen have a set criteria in mind when they start rigging trolling lures. For mahi and wahoo, double hook rigs are more common, but its really a matter of personal preference. Browse more videos. This is another debatable issue and one that will continue for years, but the latest trend is using single semi-stiff hook rigs with a tuna bend hook. This lure works excellent when ran in short corner, long corner, short rigger and long rigger positions. This [...] 2 Comments . On the previous page are the steps involved in rigging a lure that can be fished on 50- through 130-pound-class tackle. Leader goes through the lure, 2 sleeves, through the hook, and back trough both sleeves. That being said, a fish hooked on a lure with single hooks is less likely to be lost during the fight or straighten the hooks. MagBay Lures – Premier Wahoo and Marlin Lures. The Richter Single Hook Rigs are made by the most reliable hands in the business. Depending if I decide to run hard drags or not also determines if I use a two hook rig or single. Call us at 1-808-326-4994 to order rubber. See more about. Skirted trolling lures are rigged with one or two single hooks and can be trolled at speeds of 6 to 10 knots. Use a zippy tie to keep them in position. Eg: Big Swimmer – Twin hooks size 10/0’s, single hook a size 12/0. Part 3 is with RJ Boyle as he dissects all the tools and rigging ingredients, assembles a single hook rig and rigs a marlin lure. Cable; Fluorocarbon; Mono; Wire; Premade Natural Bait Rigs. How To: Build a Single-Hook Hook-Set for Marlin Lures. Playing next. Bait Rigging Supplies; Lure Rigging Supplies; Hook Sets. Now thread the lure onto the leader, followed by two crimps, chafing tube and the hook. Extra Small Fish Print Lures Size 15 - 170mm 6.50” to 185mm 7.25" Small Fish Print Lures Size 25 - 219mm 8.70” to 242mm 9.60" Medium Fish Print Lures Size 35 - 297mm 11.80" to 319mm 12.75" Laurel Mecca the "Flashabou Queen" demonstrates how to make a single hook stiff rig for flashabou lures. These are generally rigged on either light sharp hooks like the BKKs or Gamakatsu SL12 in size 10/0, or on Mustad 7691S 9/0 hooks if a more solid hook is required. 3:05. Rated 5.00 out of 5 The second hook is mounted on a short length of 49 strand cable which gives some protection from wahoo and mackerel teeth. It'll also eliminate fouling when casting and maximize hook-up potential. How a fisherman goes about rigging trolling lures is very subjective. For billfish, most fish a single hook rig with artificial lures. Decoys for me! For billfish, most fish a single hook rig with artificial lures. Eagle Claw; Mustad; QuickRig; Leader Material. How To: Rigging a Mullet Dredge Bait. They are the strongest and sharpest hooks available . Without question, the best skippers and crewmen in the blue marlin business are using quality lures with single-hook rigs, and they’re paying attention to lure balance and the materials with which they are rigging based on the size of the fish and area they are fishing. Video. Switching to single hooks makes sense in some applications but it does drastically reduce your hook up ratio, especially on very buoyant top water lures like a Zara Spook. I took the opportunity to further test my new way of rigging single hooks, which are all the rage with tuna fishos. We pull Mustad 7732 hooks, using 10/0 for larger lures, 9/0 for medium-sized lures and 7/0 for the smaller tuna/marlin lures. I know guys that swear by the double-double rig, (stiff rigged doubles back to back)offering hookpoints on all 4 sides! Ideal for marlin, tuna, mahi mahi and wahoo. You can add a small keel weight to a single hook rig to improve its performance. It needs to be fished in a similar way to a circle hook with a light drag setting when trolling, and allowing the fish to run for at least 10 seconds before tightening the drag to set the hook, no striking is required. Features: Available in 6 Sizes (7-13) 900lb Wire; ... Hook Quantity: Single, Double. Rig Contents. Rigging consists of a 10/0 Cable Rigged Hook and 10' of 400lb leader +($15.99) Rigging Double Hook Cable Rig 10' 400lb Leader. Keel Weighted Double Hook Sets; Keel Weighted Single Hook Sets; Standard Double Hook Sets; Standard Single Hook Sets; Hooks. For medium tackle I like to use lures between 15 and 25cm in length. When rigging your popper, it's advisable to use a medium-sized rod. For mahi and wahoo, double hook rigs are more common, but its really a matter of personal preference. Treble hooks are a single eye of three hooks fused together with three shanks evenly spaced. Troll between 4.5 Knts-18 Knts Head: Diameter: 36 mm Length: 95 mm Weight: 5.8 oz. Marlin and Game Fish – Single hook Quick Rig for Feathers, Kona’s and skirted trolling lures| A rigging tutorial by Durban based fishing charter and guide on how to make a quick rig used for trolling for Marlin … In either event you generally want the hooks rigged on a stiff cable rig so they run true in the lure. This very aggressive lure, the Marlin Magic Ruckus, makes quite a commotion. Run opposite the Marlin Magic Large Tube for an unbeatable pair. ... How To: Circle-Hook Chugger Head Rig for Sailfish and Marlin. Don't miss the fish of a lifetime by compromising on the quality of your rigs - choose a Richter Single Hook Rig and fish with confidence! They are ideal for all game fish like marlin, tuna, dolphin fish, dorado, wahoo and mackerel. Specifications 4 years ago | 7.2K views. VMC has the 7237 in-line hook, which in my opinion is an excellent option. These hook rigs are available to purchase fully rigged with our skirted trolling lures. 2. A single hook rig has an excellent hook up rate, it is not dangerous compared to a chain gang, and it is easy to get your lure running true in any sea conditions. Single hook 9/0 or 10/0. Follow. I would like you to test a single hook on that favorite lure of yours. Step 1: Select a medium-sized rod. This lure leaves one of the biggest bubble trails I’ve ever seen. I usually use double hook rigs, set at 180 degrees on my largest lures. Features: Lobo Lures Heavy Duty Single Hook Rig Stainless Steel Southern Tuna Style Hook Available in Small (7/0) to XL (12/0) sizes rigged with 49 Strand 480lb Cable with copper plated sleeves and covered with heavy duty epoxy coated shrink tube. I rig all of my light tackle lures using 10/0 Gamakatsu saltwater fly hooks, using a pair of hooks on the larger lures and single hooks on the smaller ones. Weedless The twin hooks should be positioned back to back on the split ring. Run this proven tournament winner high from the short rigger or short corner and watch the big Blues climb all over it. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 279.00; El Plomero Wahoo Lure. For the hook, I suggest rigging a single 11/0 hook placed well back in this lure on 400 lb mono. Single hook rigging on Scent Blazer trolling lures is easy. Pull a standard wide range on the long rigger on at least 300 pound leader if using mono leader. Bryan shows us … My experience has been that on 7”, 9” and 12” lures, the single hook swivel rig far and away provides me with the highest hook-up percentage. Wrap the back of the stiff rig with electrical tape as needed for a secure connection.

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